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The Lighthouses Of Panama

Fact Sheet
The Lighthouses Of Panama


Punta Pacifica


Panama CIty






620 m² / 6674 ft²


From $ 209,525

Completion Date:

The Lighthouses Of Panama
The Lighthouses Of Panama
The Lighthouses Of Panama
The Lighthouses Of Panama

The Development

The Lighthouses of Panama is a unique project for residential, commercial and recreational use. The project consists of three mostly residential use towers, an upscale shopping center and supermarket, six floors of car parkings - two below ground, and exclusive five star hotel with gyms, spas, casino and salons, community social areas, sports areas, swimming pools with recreational zones, viewpoints, restaurants, and more.

The design of the project will fundamentally incorporate the environmental factor with the use of solar energy, waste treatment and recyclable elements.

The plot is located in the central town of San Francisco, which is adjacent to the emergent and dynamic Punta Pacifica, Punta Paitilla, Marbella and Avenida Balboa neighborhoods. It is an obvious area for expansion and urban future of the city.

Its entire South and East sides run along the shores of Panama Bay making it the most exceptional location in the city. To the West of the plot and at a certain height, one can enjoy outstanding views of the canal and natural parks.

The Towers

The total constructed area of the project will be approximately 500,000 m2. the plot, surrounded by good street infrastructure, is 3.4 hectares (34,000.00m2= in area and has exceptional views of the bay, the Pacific Ocean, The Canal and the Corredor de las Cumbres as well as an unbeatable strategic location for the future urban growth of the city.


Base six stories high with two below-ground levels designated for the following uses:

Ground floor (0): Shopping center (supermarket) and casino, entrances to the residential areas and to the hotel reception, access to loading platforms and car parks.
1st floor(1): Shopping center and casino, hotel reception mezzanine.
Basement (-2 and -1): car park for the shopping center, casino and hotel and general facilities.
2nd Through 5th floors(2-5): residential parking, storage areas and general facilities.
6th floor (6): social areas with terraces, hotel swimming pool, residential social areas and general facilities.


Ensemble of three independent towers with residential and hotel use:
7th though 13th floors: hotel rooms and residential flats in towers 2 and 3
15th through 68th: residential flats Towers 1, 2 and 3.
69th floor: Transfer floor (Sky Lobby) and technical floor in Tower 1, Technical floors in Towers 2 and 3.
70th thought 83rd floors: VIP flats in Towers 1,2 and 3
15th, 33rd, 51st, 69th floors: technical floors Towers 1,2, and 3.

The Features

Shopping Center

The shopping center will be located on the ground and first floors with a floor area of 40.293 m2 and will be accessed from a large public square located in the north west corner of the plot, which connects the project with the commercial flow the existing Multiplaza Shopping Center.

The commercial route of the center is clear and simple, emphasized by its two main circular areas located one above the other and which, on the first floor becomes a passageway to a second curved street, clearly optimizing the proportions of the shops, which consist mainly of high-end European names. On the ground floor, the great commercial generators will be a supermarket with approximately 7,000m2 of sales floor space.

5 Star Hotel

Accessed by means of a remarkable square located in the curve of Punta Darien Street. This will be one of the highest quality luxury hotels in the city and will have 5 stars. Its spatial distribution will be as follows:

Located on the ground floor with its impressive atrium and upt to the first floor will be reception, and there will be public facilities nearby to it such as restaurants, recreation, spas, shops, terraces ad services. On the first floor, there will be a direct connection to the shopping center and the casino.

On the sixth floors, a base of several social areas will be created for the hotel use such as terraces, swimming pools and general facilities. There are seven floors of rooms (from the 7th to the 13th) reaching a capacity of 306 rooms.

All of the rooms have spectacular views toward the Pacific and the city.

The main casino access will be located in the southwest of the plot. It is 7,600 m2 and occupies the southern area of the plot on the ground first floors (with direct access on the same level from the shopping center).

Residential use

The project will consist of 1.716 flats of the highest quality distributed among its three towers. The first tower will have 756 flats and towers 2 and 3 a total of 960.

The flats of residential use are of 2, 3 and 3+1 bedrooms and floor areas of between 100 and 150m2

Residential VIP

The VIP flats (penthouses) are 4 or 5 bedrooms, with floor areas from 200 to 1,000m2

Sustainable energy

The environmental conception of the project incorporates into its design the crucial factor of renewable energies. In addition, to minimize is impact, both economic and sustainable, solutions are being undertaken that include the use of sustainable energies trough photovoltaic panels.

A wastewater treatment plant will also be constructed.

Bioclimatic architecture

Bioclimatic architecture aims to optimize the man-climate relationship through architectural form.

The basic premises are:

To create architecture that is adapted to the environment, sensitive to the impact that it has on nature and that minimizes pollution.
To take advantage of the climate, materials and conditions of the setting for the purpose of achieving a significant reduction in energy consumption and improving the quality of life of the building's users.
To conserve and save energy despite a high population density, vertical development and flowing traffic.

The bioclimatic architecture of the Lighthouses of Panama proposes:
Regulating and monitoring of air circulation ensuring fresh, ventilated and pleasant atmospheres.
Taking advantage of the sun and the building's orientation.
Using insulating, recyclable and none-contaminating materials.
Opting for the most efficient electrical equipment
Incorporating the use of renewable energies into the design (solar).
Employing an integrated management system that regulates and optimizes the operation of the facility depending on degree of occupation, external conditions, etc.

The Lighthouses Of Panama
The Lighthouses Of Panama
The Lighthouses Of Panama
The Lighthouses Of Panama

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